A co-op and multiplayer gaming podcast

As friends who now live thousands of miles apart, John and Ben let loose their strong opinions about co-op and online gaming. In a typical episode we review a new game from a purely co-op perspective but often do special episodes on other topics.

New episodes every other Sunday.

  • Episode 45

    Viscera Cleanup Detail

    John and Ben don their janitor uniforms and set about for a cleanup operation which involves fighting with first-person physics after some horrific accidents in various sci-fi settings.

  • Episode 44

    Shift Happens

    John and Ben try their hand at this puzzle platformer game designed specifically for two-player co-op. We enjoy shifting our mass and throwing each other around through four stylized worlds.

  • Episode 43

    Styx: Shards of Darkness

    It's rare to find a stealth-action game with support for co-op play, but in Styx: Shards of Darkness John and Ben get their sneak on and make their best attempt to steal from and assassinate their foes.

  • Episode 42

    Sky Force Reloaded

    John and Ben put their shoot 'em up skills to the test in Sky Force Reloaded, but does Sky Force take off in co-op mode or was there turbulence when flying together?

  • Episode 41

    A Way Out

    In our latest episode John and Ben are locked up in the slammer - join us to discover if they will be able to find... A Way Out

  • Episode 40

    Sea of Thieves

    Gentlemen! You shall always remember this as the day that you almost fell in love with an open-world action-adventure pirate game.

  • Episode 39

    Versus Squad

    Beat em or burn em - they go down pretty easy in this fast action dual-stick shooter featuring a sandbox defense mode and hundreds of zombies.

  • Episode 38


    With our rotten food in hand Ben takes on the role of The Brute while John becomes a member of the Blackguard and we run head-first into this brutal rogue-lite dungeon crawler.

  • Episode 37

    We Were Here Too

    We talk about that time we got lost and split up in a medieval castle. With only our wits to hand, we did our best to tackle this communication-based co-operative puzzle adventure.

  • Episode 36

    Moon Hunters

    Moon Hunters is apparently a co-op personality test set in a mystical, Mesopotamian-inspired 2D world. Join us in the latest episode to find out what that really means!

  • Episode 35

    Human: Fall Flat

    John and Ben are just normal humans with no superpowers (allegedly), but given the right tools we were able to record a podcast about Human: Fall Flat - a quirky, open-ended physics game.

  • Episode 34

    PUBG - PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds

    There's a chance you may already have heard about this little known game, but even so - find out what John and Ben thought of PUBG while they were hiding in the bushes waiting to get shot.