Connecting to Host is a co-op and multiplayer gaming podcast brought to you by two old friends who like to keep in touch by gaming online. We tend to focus on games with a good 2-player experience, such as games with a co-op campaign or PvE games, but we also dabble in competitive games like Titanfall and Rocket League.

John Wordsworth

Having been a gamer since the days of Dungeon Master on the Atari ST, John has a passion for games in nearly all shapes and forms. He now works in game development as Engine Team Lead for a game developer in Stockholm, Sweden.

John's favourite genres are RPGs, Strategy and Action/FPS games and he particularly enjoys games that allow you to play through a deep and interesting narrative alongside a friend or two online. John's not too fussed about which platform he games on, and even enjoys a table-top boardgame or RPG in his spare time too.


Twitter: @JohnWordsworth

Ben Dodson

Ben found his love of games with Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive back in 1991 after a brief period where he thought it was a 'Samurai Pizza Cats' game. Since then, he's played all kinds of console and PC games as well as building a few on iOS.

Nowadays you'll find him dabbling with indie games and grand fantasy RPGs on his ultra-wide monitor or, more likely, missing the ball in Rocket League. Ben doesn't have a favourite genre, but he'll argue with you at length that Snowboard Kids is better than Mario Kart...


Twitter: @bendodson