Connecting to Host is a co-operative and multiplayer gaming podcast. As friends who now live a thousand miles apart, John and Ben let loose their strong opinions about co-op and online gaming. In a typical episode we review a game from a purely co-op perspective but we often do specials to discuss other gaming news or other topics about the bigger picture of multiplayer gaming.

Episode 42. Sky Force Reloaded

John and Ben hop into their planes and take to the sky to rain down fire and destruction on all in their path in Sky Force Reloaded. Skyforce Reloaded (2016) is a remake of the 2006 vertical scrolling shooter which was originally released on Symbian, Pocket PC and Palm WebOS - bonus points if you remember any of those!

Sky Force Reloaded has been recreated from the ground up in glorious 3D with flashy explosions and a gorgeous, coherant and vibrant art-style. After recently meeting up in the UK in real life, we had a chance to play this local-only archade shoot ‘em up on the Nintendo Switch. Find out what we thought in our latest episode.

Sky Force Reloaded is developed by Infinite Dreams in Poland and is available on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam for anywhere between £7-12. You can also download a free-to-play version for iOS and Android. While the mobile version only supports single-player gameplay, it’s a good way to get a feeling for the game before diving in on another platform.

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