Connecting to Host is a co-operative and multiplayer gaming podcast. As friends who now live a thousand miles apart, John and Ben let loose their strong opinions about co-op and online gaming. In a typical episode we review a game from a purely co-op perspective but we often do specials to discuss other gaming news or other topics about the bigger picture of multiplayer gaming.

Episode 31. Invisigun Heroes

Invisigun Heroes is a 2D, single-screen, stealth-focussed battle arena game in which all of the players are invisible! Join us as we try our best to explain a game in which most of the time your character is invisible, even though every player has exactly the same view of the pixel-art styled game arena…

While it might sound crazy on paper, Invisigun Heroes provides an interesting experience with a good level of strategy for weeding out your stealthy opponents without putting yourself into too much of a dangerous position. We had some hilarious moments during our time with Invisigun Heroes - so join us in our latest episode and find out more about the game and how it plays.

Invisigun Heroes offers a guest edition which you can check out completely free of charge! The guest edition even allows you to play online with your friends, with a limited number of game modes, heroes and stages. So if you like what you hear on this episode of Connecting to Host, head over to Steam and download the Invisigun Heroes Guest Edition by clicking on “Download Demo”.

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